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December, 2018

Happy Holidays

As the temperature drops in The Netherlands, we know the end of the year is approaching. This is the festive season and via this newsletter we would like to inform you on the latest developments for the Netherlands Maritime University of applied sciences (NMU).

In this newsletter you will find a recap on the great fieldtrip we made to the Maasvlakte port area, you will see pictures of the graduation and we will introduce you to one of the new lecturers of the NMU, Arènso Bakker.

After reading this, you might be enthusiastic and decide it is time to start studying as well in 2019! We will organise an information session on 16 April 2019 for those of you in The Netherlands. Otherwise we are always available for a Skype or telephone call!

For the coming weeks, we hope you will have a good time with family and friends, taking some time off from the rush of work, and have a great, healthy and meaningful 2019.


All staff of the NMU wish you a great holiday period!



It is the highlight of the year - graduation day! The director speeches and the supervisors are asked to say a few words to the student in person. This is a very special moment for  the students graduating. After the official part, we congratulate the graduates in an informal setting with drinks. This year, we held two graduation ceremonies already, and eight of the students are now Master of Science in Shipping and Transport. Congrats again! 


Cooperation Bachelor Maritime Technology

The Netherlands Maritime University expands with a Bachelor in Maritime Technology (in Dutch). Since 2017 the Netherlands Maritime University has expanded immensely. We merged with the parttime Bachelor Maritime Technology and this program (in Dutch) has started 2018 with three classes and five new lecturers. As there are multiple connections between the two programmes, they are now at the same premises, lecturers will be giving courses at both programmes and students are interacting with each other in courses. We will also be organising field visits together. For more information on the Bachelor Maritime Technology click here.


Five questions for Arènso Bakker

lecturer Port Economics

What makes your course so interesting? 
The course provides an insight in the decision making and politics in ports. Terminal operators and port authorities sometimes have common interests but sometimes they also are opponents and will have to negotiate. Furthermore it is about cash flows of all parties making investments and about risks. How can they be controlled?


What was a striking thing during the excursion with the last class?

The role of public parties and the impact of their actions on economy and the market. A port authority is often a bit of a hybrid organisation, both acting as an administrative party as well as a commercial party at the same time. This can be confusing. 


What recent news items are important for your course?

The rapid changes in the economy like energy transition, circular economy but also the new train connections from China to Europe in combination with shift of the economy from West to East.


And what do you do in your free time?

I drive and maintain classic cars to qualify for classic car rallies. I also like to visit historical circuits.


What do you wish for the future students and alumni of NMU this  coming winter?

For those coming from the southern parts of the globe I hope there will be a real Dutch winter with ice-skating and snow. Just to experience this once. For the students coming from The Netherlands I hope for the same: it is about time for an Elfstedentocht, a 200 km skating tour over the Frisian scenic waterways!


Field trip to Maasvlakte 2

One of the best field trips is each year is the visit to Maasvlakte 2 with a boat tour. Together with Ronald Waterman, who is co-responsible for the lay-out of the Maasvlakte and the complete Dutch coastal zone, we went to the Maasvlakte on a very sunny day – technical weather it was referred to! Ronald showed us the coastal developments and the marine nature reserve which is created combined with the port infrastructure first hand.

It was a pleasure to combine the trip with students from STC International and Asyad who visited Rotterdam. This created networking opportunities for all!



Thinking about studying at NMU 

If you wish to pursue a career in the Maritime or Logistics industries, the NMU is exactly what you are looking for! A dedicated master of science program, focusing on those industries. With lecturers working in the field and making time to provide you with up to date knowledge from their day-to-day work!


For more information on the curriculum or start dates, please send us an email, so we can inform you. We will organise an information session on 16 April 2019 for those of you in The Netherlands. Otherwise we are always available for a Skype or telephone call!



  • January 18 – Graduation – by invitation only

  • April 16 – Information Session Part Time 2019

  • September 2 – Start Full Time Class 19.09

  • November 5 – Start Part Time Class 19.11


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